Whats New

Impress Cleaners Is proud to Introduce Wet Cleaning services to Rhode Island . Wet Cleaning
is a new and improved state of the art cleaning service. Using water and environmentally
friendly  chemicals we can clean most of the dry clean only garments  that may come into our
Same Day Service Monday - Saturday
Wet cleaning
UGG shoe cleaning
We've been in business for over 8 years
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Impress Cleaners is a family owned and operated business.  In February of 2002 we opened
our doors to the Cranston community and we have been in the fore front  of the dry cleaning
industry.  We have also established a home and office pickup and delivery service through out
the Rhode Island area.
What We Do

Impress Cleaners  was established to provide excellent dry cleaning services  at a great price.
We strive to excel in superior customer service and superior quality second to none.
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Monday - Friday
7am- 6pm
8am- 2pm
Impress Cleaners Est. 2002
280 Warwick Ave
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